One of the problems experienced in every home is a leaking faucet. Although it’s very normal to happen in every home, you probably don’t know what causes a faucet to leak. Leaks come in differing sizes and forms, and leakages in the faucet is one of the most common types of them all.


Before trying to call a professional plumber, it is good to understand how and why faucet leaks and do some patch up until the professional arrives. This is for you to avoid wasting water and to prevent further problems that a leaking faucet could aggravate.

1. Parts That are Damaged

One of the most common reasons why a faucet leak is because of its old and faulty parts. If you continuously experience some drips in your faucet, the washer within your faucet may be damaged and needs to be replaced.

The case of a compression faucet is different though because there are times that the damaged seals are behind this leaking. This happens when the seal can no longer hold the water because it is already weak, provided the amount of time it fought back the water pressure as the faucet is used.

On the other hand, cartridge faucets may leak because of the cartridge itself. More to this are the other parts of the cartridge faucet which includes inlet and outlet seals or the O-rings which are probably worn out.

2. High Pressure of Water

When your faucet leaks during night time or any time when there is nobody actually using the water supply, the reason behind the water leakage you experience is possibly the high-water pressure. This is actually a problem since the small leaks could necessarily be exacerbated and leads to greater leaking where the pipers are connected.

The leak could also originate at the back of the walls. This is a more dangerous scenario especially when the leak stays in the wall for a long time. It doesn’t only promote the growth of molds and other allergens, which could cause some serious health problems, but it could also weaken the stability of the wall. When this happens in quite a while, there will come a time when your walls will collapse and that’s a serious hazard to you and your family’s life.

What to Do?

The best thing to do when you experience these leakages is to patch things up. If you know how to use epoxy, then it isn’t that big of a hassle. However, when you don’t know anything about plumbing, never do some troubleshooting on your own. This will not only worsen the problem but could also post a necessary danger to your safety, provided that pipes could collapse anytime. One thing you could do is to turn off the water source. If it doesn’t work, the best option left for you to do is to actually call a professional plumber who could fix the leakage. They don’t just fix your plumbing system, but they could also provide you with tips and suggestions on how to maintain a strong and safe water system.

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