Vinegar For Window Cleaning

Cleaning windows have gotten easy. Thanks to cleaning materials that made it user-friendly. So user-friendly, it’s basically easy for a non-professional cleaner to use them for cleaning stuff on the weekends.

Here is the thing though – you don’t have to do it on the weekends. Because if ever weekend included summer or winter, you stood a chance of getting minor interruptions when it comes to cleaning windows.

Summer can be a problem if you have window panes facing the sunlight. Maybe not all windows face direct sunlight at all times of the day. Just don’t clean them while the sunlight directly shone on them. You don’t want the cleaning solution sprayed on the window pane to dry up before you could even use it to scrub off the dirt, and depending on the type of window you’re cleaning, sometimes is worth hiring pressure washing services to get the higher and tougher glass.

The same analogy can be applied when trying to clean windows in the winter. Scraping off snow is fine. But you don’t have to follow it up with cleaning it with a sponge or terry cloth with a cleaning solution to boot. The biting cold will lessen moisture on the sprayed solution, making you scrape off the solution that is supposed to clean the window along with the snowflakes.

Some professionals are willing to share one secret to cleaning window panes though. Don’t use vinegar. They will not take it against you if you use baking soda. Baking soda has been the darling of the DIY world as of late for its effective whitening elements.

But back to vinegar. As much as it is one of those condiments used in some Asian meals, it’s still acidic. Some chemists attribute the sourness of vinegar to its acidity level, making it a usually suggested ingredient for homemade cleaning solutions.

Then again, the chemical component in vinegar can cause rubber window seals to dry and, in due time, crack up significantly to cause the foundations to get wrecked. So if you can’t remove vinegar from your homemade cleaning solution, don’t use it as often as you should avoid that inconvenience.

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